Latin Word Search

Practice Latin the fun way with this beautiful new game for Latin students of all ages!

Available on the App Store

  • Three levels of difficulty: Easy mode is perfect for beginners, Normal is for general play, and Hard will challenge even the most experienced learner.
  • When you find a word, its definition automatically appears - a great way to learn vocabulary without getting bored!
  • Random puzzle generation: with over 1500 words in its dictionary, you'll get a new word search every time you play - infinite replayability!
  • Easy controls: just touch the first letter and draw a line through the rest of the word, then let go - the game automatically tracks all the words you've matched.
  • Automatic game saves: if you don't have time to finish a game, it will pick up where you left on when you return.
  • Gorgeous HD graphics make the most of your iPad - iOS 5 users get an optimised experience!