Learn Latin

Latin is a truly timeless language and its study invigorates the brain, provides context to some of the world's greatest history, and gives you insight into the lives of great Romans.

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If you've forgotten some of what you learned at school, if you're studying now and need some extra material, or if you just want to brush up your skills to enjoy reading on a quiet evening, this is the perfect app for you. Features include:

  • A full copy of A New Latin Grammar by Charles E. Bennett. This has been the standard Latin text for hundreds of thousands of learners over the years, and was recently described as "indispensable for undergraduate majors and minors and even clear enough to use at the secondary level."
  • A full copy of the Comic Latin Grammar by Perceival Leigh. This was written to provide a more laid-back, relaxed way to study Latin, and even includes some jokes!
  • All four parts of Ritchie's Fabulae Faciles are included for you to use as practise. These retell classic Greek myths about gods, demi-gods and more in Latin, and do so using simplified sentence structures and a shorter list of vocabulary - perfect for learners!
  • Each of the classes have been split up into categories to help you study your weakest areas, plus you can adjust the font size to whatever you please.
  • This app runs on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, all with a single purchase!